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Please read these instructions carefully before submitting application for registration under the Foreign Trade  Policy for registered exporters. 

1)   Registration with this Council under Foreign Trade Policy is necessary for

  • (i) a license to export or
  • (ii) any other benefit.  Membership of the Council is to be obtained before registration can be granted.  Membership and registration can be applied for simultaneously.

2)   Registration is granted from the date of receipt of COMPLETE APPLICATION (see para No.5 below) or date of membership whichever is later.

3)   Applicants should submit the Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) in duplicate after filing in Part I only.

4)   Before submitting application check carefully whether:

  • Bank Certificate is attached.
  • Importer-Exporter Code No. is given & photocopy of the same is enclosed.
  • All details are filled in and application is duly signed and dated.  If an items is not applicable mark ‘N.A.’  When space is inadequate attach annexure with full details

5)   Renewal:

  • The Registration Certificate will be valid for a period of five years subject to continuation of the membership of the Council, ending 31st March of the licensing year.  The certificate shall be deemed to be valid from 1st April of the licensing year in which it was issued.
  • Renewal of RCMC will be considered on submission of fresh application duly completed as indicated in the instructions.  The expired RCMC must be surrendered along with the application.

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